How to get a proper notification when self-monitoring your alarm

I just installed the new Ring Pro alarm and don’t want to pay $200 a year for the monitoring service. My previous self-monitored alarm would just call my phone and play a recording if it had been tripped. But to the best of my knowledge the self-monitoring relies on just a Push or Email notification. However, a Push notification with a quick audible alert isn’t going to wake me in the middle of the night.

So I created a new email address just for the Ring (i.e. and set it up on my phone (iOS 15.1). After that follow these steps…

Settings-> Notifications-> Mail-> Customize Notification-> select your new email account-> Sounds-> under Ringtones select classic-> select Alarm

By doing this any email that goes to this account will sound the Alarm sound for about 20 seconds, which is just as good as a phone call IMO.

I may setup this email account on my wife’s phone too for redundancy purposes. I hope this helps.

Quick follow up…my wife had Banner notifications on for her Mail app, which didn’t allow the alert sound to play. Once I disable Banners for the Mail app it worked fine.

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