How to Fix a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera Battery Draining Too Fast

The amount of time your Ring devices can go in between charges will be dependent on a number of factors in your home’s environment. This article will detail some of the factors that may cause your battery to require more frequent recharges.

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The Local Weather

Since Ring devices use Lithium-ion batteries, when the temperature drops below 40°F, it may be necessary to charge your Ring product more often. Battery performance should return to normal once the weather warms up and remains above freezing.

Click here for more information on battery life and cold weather.

Lots of Activity

The more events captured by your Ring devices, the more your battery is used. Also, using Live View often can drain your battery faster.

If your device is capturing an excessive number of events each day, you may need to recharge your battery sooner.

To prevent excessive activity, you can adjust your Motion Settings to a lower sensitivity, disable certain zones, change Motion Frequency to Regularly or Periodically, or adjust the direction of your Ring device so it doesn’t detect as much motion.

Power Settings

You can go to Power Settings in the Ring app to see what features may be draining your battery.

To access Power Settings, follow these steps:
  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Devices
  • Tap the individual device (doorbell or security camera) you want to check
  • Tap the Power Settings tile
    • You can check your Battery Status: Battery Level percentage
    • Feature Power Usage
      • Tap the small arrow to the right of the feature name
      • To navigate back to the main screen tap the < sign on the top left
      • You can check:
        • Snapshot Capture
        • Motion Frequency
        • Advanced Motion Detection
        • Video Recording Length

Poor Wifi Connection

Your doorbell or camera may be frequently disconnecting and reconnecting to your wifi network. Each time a disconnection or reconnection happens, your Ring device uses power, which then contributes to the battery draining too fast.

Here are some common troubleshooting steps to improve the wifi connection your Ring device is receiving:
  • Remove any physical barriers between your router and the Ring device. Placing your router so your signal has an unobstructed path to your Ring device will help you get the strongest signal possible. Routers that are placed behind furniture or in closets and cabinets will have reduced signals.
  • Move your router or Ring device closer to one another. Sometimes a matter of a few feet is all it takes to improve a wifi connection.
  • Reboot your router. Turn off your router by unplugging it, waiting for thirty seconds, and then reconnect the router to power. Your Ring device will automatically reconnect to your wifi network.

Hardwiring your Ring Device

One option available to Ring users is to connect your compatible Ring Doorbell to a low voltage transformer and doorbell kit. This should reduce the need to charge your battery.

Click here to learn about hardwiring your Ring doorbell.

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I recently bought a ring doorbel 4, within 1 month it was drained.
After discussing this with support they told me it was due to the switching of wifi network the device did. (A bit odd I’d say as the device is told at config to use the 2.4G connection)
Anyway, I bought a chime with repeater functionality and placed it indoor right behind the doorbel just to make absolutely sure the network can’t be the issue. And as weather is optimal right now, and the config is made to bare minimum messaging I’m confident the battery has to last months as Ring claims.
HOWEVER the battery is dead yet again, within only a matter of weeks.
Even my old doorbel v1, and the ring sticknup cams do better.
So are you guys sure there isn’t an issue with the design of the v4??

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