How to fit Ring Alarm Door Sensor with door that isn’t flat

I have a new door fitted to my house. I just bought the Ring Alarm. I am trying to fit a door sensor.

However, not only does the door not sit flush with the frame, it has an additional section that is angled making it hard to fit the sensor.

Quite hard to explain, I have attached an image. You can see firstly the door isn’t flush. But even if it was, there is a large gap between the part of the door and the part of the frame I would attach the sensor too.

Any ideas?

Hey @pauldavidson. I want to ensure the Community gives you a proper recommendation, so can you let us know if you have the Gen 1 or the Gen 2 Contact Sensor pieces? Let me know and I will be happy to map out a recommendation or two for you! Also, could you show us a picture of what the door looks like when slightly open?

I imagine it is gen 2, as I just purchased the 5 piece alarm kit this week.

@pauldavidson Thank you for confirming that for me! Please see the attached photos for my recommendations on how to mount it. The light blue box is for the main sensor piece and the orange box is for the magnet. You may need to take the magnet out of the magnet sensor in cause you need the smaller size to help side flush with the sensor as shown in my pictures, as well as this picture below:


I recommend also following this Help Center Article here, and ensure you have the notches on both pieces lined up when you do mount the pieces. Once you have them mounted up, I recommend opening and closing the door a few times, while looking at the app, to ensure the app is reporting it that way. In addition, you should hear chirps from the Base Station whenever the door is opened. Let me know how it goes and feel free to share any final install pictures! :slight_smile: