How to find out which device tripped my away alarm

Hi there, I’m wondering where to find info on which device tripped our alarm recently while we were away. We have two video doorbells, the base station, two motion detectors, and several sensors for all of our downstairs windows and doors. When the alarm was tripped, our neighbors were able to confirm for us that all of the doors were still locked and there was no one in our home. So, I’m trying to find out which device or sensor was responsible for tripping the alarm.

I thought this info would be easy to find but so far, not so much. Does anyone have a tip for where to search or experience with this same type of situation?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @beerandtaco. Only your Ring Alarm components can trigger the alarm - this would be the Motion Detectors or Contact Sensors, not the Doorbells. You can view all the activity related to your Alarm by tapping the menu in the top left of the Ring app > selecting History > tapping on the Devices drop-down and choosing Alarm. You might see this is “Cameras” by default, so tapping it will allow you to toggle over to the Alarm history. Scroll down to when your Alarm was triggered, and you should be able to see which sensor was triggered beforehand. I hope that helps!