How to exit without deactivating alarm?

Hello, I just set up my Ring Alarm system the other day, and I’m new to having an alarm in general. I found a similar question from last year, but am wondering if there have been any updates that may address my issue.

My situation is pretty simple, we set the alarm in home mode at night when we’re sleeping. I leave the house before my wife does in the morning. Is there any way to be able to open the front door and leave the house while in home mode without having to fully disable the alarm first?

Similarly, if the alarm is in home mode and we want to open a window, again is the only option to disarm the system, open the window, and re-arm it? From my searching, Nest looks to have a functionality called Quiet Open that seems to accomplish this. Is there anything comparable on Ring?


Great question, @chrispo86! This may be obtainable through the Modes features. With Modes, you can customize a home, away, and disarmed mode. This means you also get to choose which Alarm devices you want included in the above modes. For a window that you might open often, this would be most useful.

In a scenario in which you’d need to remove a sensor from an armed mode, leave the home, and then have that sensor return to being included in the armed mode, this can only be done by disarming and rearming the Alarm. At this time, once your Alarm is in an armed mode, a device’s inclusion status cannot be altered in the Ring app without disarming first. There is also a Bypass feature, which will detect a tripped sensor during an arming attempt and ask if you wish for it to be bypassed. Even when choosing to bypass a sensor, disarming the Alarm will be necessary if you are wanting to include that bypassed sensor in the armed mode again.

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