How to enable StickUp Cam Recording without motion

Hi Ring community! i’m new to this device and to this community. i just purchased a StickUp Cam. i would like to have the camera do contiuous recording without motion triggering the device. an ideal solution would be the ability to schedule on and off times. Alternaitvely, i’d like ot manually turn recording on adn have it continue until i turned it off (using the app). are either of these possible with this camera? if not, can you please recommend a camera that would perform this function.

thank you

What you want is a DVR system. It will also need to be hardwired, otherwise the battery would definitely take a hit. I have both systems. Backup for each other. Ring isn’t made to constantly record. The best is 30 seconds clips all day but you’d need a wired cam. It can schedule motion detection notifications only but it will remain on. You can record live view but only for so long as well from the app.
Also, it can not do continuous live view for more than 10 to 15 minutes before it’s disconnected.
A DVR system can do all of this and more but requires wiring to each cam.
Remember, anything battery powered and it solar powered will have limitations because of lack of constant electric power.
Hope this helps.

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