How To Enable Snapshot Mode

For those who have a compatible Ring device but aren’t seeing the feature in your app follow these steps:

  1. Select the Ring device within your app

  2. Go to Device Settings, then General Settings

  3. Select ‘Remove This Device’

  4. Reset your Ring device (push the reset button)

  5. Open your Ring App and follow the steps to add a new device

Once your device is added back you should have the Snapshot feature available. I’ve followed these steps for my Ring Floodlight and Ring Doorbell Pro. Both were activated earlier this year & didn’t have the Snapshot feature available. After going through these steps they now have Snapshot enabled. Good Luck.


Holy crap! This is the information I was desperately searching for. Ordered a new stick up cam wired and it had this feature. My older camera didn’t, but it is THE SAME model(Ring Stick Up Camera Wired). Even called Ring support and they couldn’t figure it out. Have not tried it yet to see if it will work, but if it does…all my cameras of the same model will have the same features!!

EDIT: I just tried this on my Ring Pro which previously did not have this feature, removing the device and reinstalling it fixed it. Going to do the same on my stick up cams. Ring technical support should really have known this!

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