How to disable motion alerts from another user

A relative has added me to their doorbell alerts before they have setup motion boundaries. I am getting way too many alerts. How can I stop them until she sets up her motion boundaries? Other than calling her and asking her to remove my id from her list of people to send to.

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Hey @flashtivo. If you go into your Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > and then select on the device, you can toggle off “Motion Alerts.” Hope this helps and they get it figured out for your sanity! :joy_cat:

That is great, but I did not know how to get to my relatives device to turn off motion alerts. I had to call support and find out that I had to click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner. Then click on my address to reveal my relatives address. Click on my relatives address and then on her Devices. Then I got to the normal screen with the slider to turn off motion alerts. Those steps certainly were not obvious to me.


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I have a similar question, but instead of permanently disabling alerts, I simply want to disable those excess alerts during the day while they’re not needed. I’m the owner of the system and would love to find a way where I disable alerts for scheduled times only on my own account. Possible to do?

Good question @Blakeazoid! There is certainly a motion scheduling option that can be used to avoid motion alerts during set times and days. Check out also the modes feature, which allows you to customize a disarmed, home, and away mode to control alerts/ activity based on your mode status.

Shared users have an in app alerts toggle as well, so they can choose whether to receive alerts or not too. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: