How to disable lights on spotlight cam by Mode

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have a wired spotlight cam in my backyard. At night when I sit on the porch the lights constantly go on and off. I read that you can disable the motion zones to stop the lights from going off.

Is there a way to disable the lights motion detection by mode so when I hit disarm the light will not come on then hit home when i go in and it start working again? I do not think I want to have to dig down that deep into the app every time I go outside in the evening.



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Hey @JCS5000. Being able to disable the light by the Mode that you are in is not a feature at this time, but has been a big ask from the other neighbors in the Community. Rest assured that this feedback has been passed onto the appropriate teams, but I will add your desire and interest in this feature to our list to further push this want from our neighbors. Appreciate your post here, and I recommend to continue to disable the lights via the zones manually for now!

I’m ready to return the flood light cam if I can’t disable the lights. I put it in a new patio and fire pit and couldn’t turn off the lights. Everyone went home. Happy 4th of July

Unhappy Ring customer

Sorry to hear about this, @Rawolfe! The lights on your Spotlight Camera can be manually turned off via the lights toggle in the Ring app, however, motion within range can still activate the lights. To prevent lights from turning on during certain times, check out our recent update to the Camera Light Schedules. This will allow you to schedule lights to stay off during certain times. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: