How to delete Amazon echo device?

First time posting here. We’ve recently moved, and I’m trying to delete my old location (old address). When I try to delete it, it tells me “All devices must be removed before a location can be deleted.”

I was able to delete all the devices (video doorbell) except for an Amazon Echo. When I click on it, I see General Settings, Help & FYI, and Open in Alexa.

When I click on General Settings, I only see the Device Name and the Location. There’s no option to delete the device.

I already went into Alexa and disabled the “Ring skill” after I saw that mentioned in another site, but that didn’t seem to do anything.

I can not figure out how to delete the Echo device. Anyone have a clue?


Hi @FamousBeagle. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the Ring app showing that you see an Amazon Echo device listed under your Devices list? Do you have any Ring Smart Lighting devices that you use the Amazon Echo as a Bridge for?