How to deactivate the loudspeaker and only keep the notifications? (for silent alarm)


I just installed my RING gen 2 alarm system incl. camera. I’d like to arm the system so that the loudspeaker doesn’t go off but I receive notifications that the system is triggered – like a silent alarm. Preferably I’d like to customize which part of the system triggers the loudspeaker and which only triggers notification. How do I do this?

Hi @user6484. There is not currently an option to allow for a silent alarm on the Ring Base Station, as the siren will always play when the alarm is triggered and after any Entry or Exit Delay has played. I looked in our Feature Request Board and found this request for a silent alarm here, so definitely feel free to add your feedback there and upvote this request as well. :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring Thank you for your response. I voted on the reature request while I feel like this should be fixed ASAP so that I can use the system properly (it currently stands idle since I don’t trust to leave the siren active with my dog).

Also, I wouldn’t be able to invest in the system at my workplace since sirens aren’t allowed so close to other businesses in the office building.

@user6484 You can adjust which sensors are monitored in Home and Away Mode by using the Modes feature. For example, you could set it in Home Mode and have all of your Motion Detectors not monitored so that your dog doesn’t accidentally trigger the alarm. Then only the Contact Sensors on your windows or doors would be monitored. Thanks for sharing your feedback and voting on the request in the Feature Request board! :slight_smile:

It’s not the same thing at all - I’m just dumbing down the system doing it this way - although I appreciate you responding.

Hi, I personally try to find informatoin about silence alarming and I don´t find that setting on the Ring app, seem to be not yet possible.
I like to get informed when I am traveling or outof home, that something might be going on, but the idea that will be alarming my neighbourhood is a horror.
At least the idea that will alarm 10 minutes and stop would be enough but if I understood it righ, if something triggers again the system will start all over alarming.
This is very important for me, to a degree that I don´t really arm the alarm.
It will be nice if Ring hears the customers!

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