How to connect to devices with multiple Android devices?

Okay, this is quite the challenge… I signed up on, in order to access these forums. All good so far…

But now I want to sign up for a Protect Plan… this is immediately creating multiple issues:

  1. When trying to purchase a Protect Plan, clicking on “Get Ring Protect Pro”, takes me to a page with two tabs: Dashboard and Protect Plan … but I cannot actually get to the Protect Plan tab - every time I click on that, it takes me back to Dashboard tab… this is true on both Firefox and Brave browsers… I cannot proceed from there.

  2. When I try to install the app on my phone, apparently it is not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone (Android 6.0.1) … that’s fine, I actually want to access my devices from a browser on my desktop PC … but I don’t see any way to do this… is there a secret trick somewhere?

  1. I definitely am not using a VPN
  2. I am not blocking javascript
  3. I switched to Chrome, where I also am not using a VPN, and am not blocking javascript.

I still cannot go to the Protect Plan tab, it always switches me back to Dashboard.

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AHA!!! problem solved…
So I tried calling Ring customer support; I got through quickly, and the lady who I spoke with clarified for me: I cannot sign up for a Protect Plan until I already have a device installed… meaning that I can’t get the 10% discount on my first device…

That’s all there was to it!! My only real complaint is that I wish the dashboard page had told me, when I tried to select Protect Plan tab, that I couldn’t get there because I didn’t have a device yet… that would have made all clear!!

Okay, cool… I’m off to buy my first device!!

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