How to configure Spotlight Cam Plus / Pro to sound siren when base station alarms

Your Spotlight Cam can act as an additional siren that sounds when your base station alarm is triggered. This is not documented in the installation or user manual for the Spotlight Cam. To activate this feature do the following:

From Ring app main screen:

  • Tap the three-lined icon in the upper-left hand side of the screen to open the side menu.
  • Tap Devices.
  • Tap Alarm Base Station .
  • Tap Base Station.
  • Tap Linked Devices.
  • Tap Alarm Sounding.
    Select options listed that you want to activate for your spotlight camera. Right icon listed that looks like this “!” is for making the siren sound when triggered from the base station(will turn red if you enabled this feature).

Hi @dabnc. Yes, this is known as our Linked Devices feature!