How to configure a Ring Video doorbell if your smartphone is pre Android 9?

I can’t use my smartphone which is Android 8 to configure my new Ring Video doorbell,. I have a Windows PC, laptop, old iPad and a smartphone version Android 8. Anybody got any ideas about how to do this ? Anybody got any ideas how to sue Ring as they did not state the pre-requisite for Android 9 or above ? I’ve worked in IT since 1971 and the industry now appears to not be capable of thinking things through !! If you can help, please let me know what to do.

Hi @olivercahn. At this time, the Ring app requires Android 9 or higher and iOS 15 or higher. If your operating system doesn’t meet these requirements, you will experience issues with the Ring app or be unable to install it. We have additional information regarding mobile device compatibility here. Ring devices cannot be set up on, so you will need a compatible mobile device to use the Ring app with.

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