How to clear out What's New?

Does anyone know how to clear out the What’s New such that the little red dot does not show above the three lines, and a red number showing the number of apparently new announcements doesn’t also show next to What’s New? I talked at length about this on the phone and they said simply click on each What’s New item, regardless if you want it or not (such as the new doorbell etc.), go back, and that one will disappear. No… it didn’t work and I told the rep that. They had no solution. ?? Why are we directed here to call Ring if they don’t have answers?

Finally figured out if you go through each and every new product announcement by actually going to the linked page, you can knock down the counter one by one. It was really a pain. A customer should be able to dismiss something they are not interested in without having to go to an advertisment page, or amazon page. I also posted the info on the red dot post.

Ring… please get this fixed. I talked with technical support probably 40 minutes with no solution on this, got disconnected and was not called back even after they asked for a call back number in case of disconnect upfront, and got a followup email telling me Ring does not accept unsolicited proposals! I ended up solving this on my own after going through the red dot post and playing around on my own. This shouldn’t be necessary.

I find this very annoying as well, especially the links to Amazon. Give us a “Mark All Read” option!

How can I disable the What’s New feature in my app? No matter what I do it wont go away. Many times it wants me to enable a feature that I don’t want or need. Nor do I want to look at ads for new products.
I’ve tapped on App Features, and Products & Accessories, I’ve viewed things, it wont stop and it wont clear out.
Please Ring, make this stop

It seems the best you can do is to at least get rid of the big red numer next to “what’s new” by going through each and every ad, etc. That also eliminated the red dot next to the three lines many folks here have complained about. I agree it is unreasonable to expect users to have to go through ads for products they know they are not interested in. Then…even after doing so, if you click on “what’s new” they are all still there - you just don’t see the red numer next to “what’s new” or have that red dot.

Maybe one of us needs to make a post in suggested features, but honestly, this isn’t a suggested feature - it is an obvious flaw in an existing feature that should be corrected.

Ring, can you escalate this for us?

Hey neighbors! I looked into this with my team for some additional troubleshooting suggestions and received some information that was previously mentioned in this thread. In order to clear the red dot on the New Features notification, you’ll need to entirely scroll through and click on every single item in the Apps and Features sub-menu and the Products and Accessories sub-menu. Also, try to force quit the app in between switching from the Apps and Features sub-menu and the Products and Accessories sub-menu. This should remove the red dot for you. If the above steps don’t resolve this for you, please let me know and I can share this feedback with my team.

@Caitlyn_Ring Thank you. Can you express to your colleagues that customers shouldn’t have to look at products they aren’t interested in and should be able to dismiss them without clicking on them?

How to you force quit the app?

Also, how do you get rid of the What’s New items? The red number showing how many there are does disappear after painstakingly going through all of them, and the red dot disappears, but all the items are still in the what’s new list even though it says “all caught up” at the bottom.

I would love to know how many Ring customers were very irritated (if not outraged) when they discovered the anti-consumer/anti-privacy shenanigans associated with the “What’s New” feature in the Ring mobile app.

There is seemingly no legitimate reason to place a number badge on the “What’s New” menu choice – then force customers to jump through ridiculous, unnecessary, time-consuming, privacy-invading hoops (including viewing individual hardware products on a third party website) if they want the (annoying) number badge to disappear from the screen.

If Ring is going to have a “What’s New” feature in the mobile app, it should:

  • Either have no badge or have one that says “New” (where the badge automatically disappears when the user clicks on the “What’s New” menu choice.
  • Have very well organized, concise descriptions of important new app features (with no mention any hardware products).
  • Direct users to view a blog on the Ring website, at their convenience (without providing any links to Ring’s website and/or that of their parent company).

I’m curious to know what individual Ring Community members have done to express their objection to the truly odious “What’s New” feature tactics:

  • Do you simply avoid clicking on the “What’s New” menu choice?
  • Have you contacted Ring by phone, email, and/or letter?
  • Have you posted your comments on the Ring Community website?
  • Do you actually encourage Ring to continue these (highly objectionable) practices by jumping through all of the hoops that are required to eliminate the badge from your screen every time the feature has been updated?

@Frustrated427 Hello. As the OP I can certainly relate to your frustrations and I think you articulated them in a very professional and courteous manner here. Thanks for taking the time to type that all out! I too see no reason for customers to be forced to view ads for products they have absolutely no interest in just to be able to clear out the number badge or make the red dot go away. (Indeed, you will note the “red dot” post has been active now for probably a year with no resolution or change.) I think most, if not all of us, are subscribing to the Protect plan in order to have stored video and that should be enough for Ring without having to go through ads for more products/services. And, it’s not like you can just look at the ad - you have to follow the link. Also, even after you jump through the hoops of viewing all the ads, they are ALL still in the What’s New menu!

In answer to your questions:

  1. As you know, I did in fact go through each in every ad to clear out the number badge and get rid of the red dot. For me, it was more of an experiment to see if it could be done, which it can. I do see your point that we shouldn’t have to do this, and 100% agree.
  2. I have indeed contacted RIng by phone and on this forum in this post. I discussed at length on phone without resolution, was promised an email back with a solution, was disconnnected, and was not called back even after being asked for a call back number upfront, and got a form email back afterward telling me Ring doesn’t accept business proposals!

As for a global solution to this and other issues reported, here is my honest and sincere advice to Ring:

Caitlyn, Tom, Marley and others here do try and help but we need more of you here on this forum and more of you with advanced technical training. You can champion our issues and get action (and in fact have done so) rather than single users calling into Ring which Ring phone support sees as isolated incidents and hence immediately think the problem is on our end, and not on theirs. I can’t emphasize this last point enough. I truly believe until Ring gets more advanced technical support agents, the forum is our best option here. In order for Ring technical support to be more helpful, they need to staff their lines with technicians with more training that also have access to reports generated here by moderators. I do understand you can request to escalate the call to Level 2 (at least that’s what I heard or read somewhere), but why don’t they mention that in the call and offer that? Finally, email support needs to be reestablished. Many of us here don’t have time to call in, be put on hold etc. or even post here and wait/watch for replies. Almost every service industry has a web-based technical inquiry form to create a ticket. Then, you can go about your business and watch your email for a solution. Someone commented about Ring support before and after Amazon acquisition and I agree. A few years ago when I first started looking at Ring, you called and a USA based representative cheerfully picked up the phone. They sent you an email back and assigned themself to you as your personal technical liaison to Ring for any further questions. When I was ready to buy, I wrote back and got an autoreply that this service has been discontinued. I have since learned that when you call in, you can still request an email follow-up but they seem reluctant to agree to that. I had serious issues with my spotlight and an agent was trying to help back and forth with emails and then just stopped. Then, I got an auto-reply back that service was discontinued putting me in a position to start all over again on the phone. But email followup service from Ring seems to go on and off sporadically. Recently a RIng agent wrote back to me on an issue and I was able to reply a few times, but when I tried to write back the last time, another email reply came back about discontinued email support.

Funny you should mention actual letters. I wrote their California office a very detailed, well-thought-out letter a few months about something I viewed as quite serious that phone support was unable to solve - no reply. Yet that mail address is right on the RIng site. Why?

I agree these are not necessarily cheap devices, nor is the subscription service and Ring can/should do better. I even remember watching live the episode of Shark Tank where founder Jamie Siminoff pitched the concept. Have you noted his email address is on Ring product boxes?Perhaps we could write to him?!

Many of us here post on this board in an effort to help each other out, and should continue to do so, but we need better Ring support. Our input and intentions are honest so hopefully Ring will step to the plate and make some improvements for their customers.

trail explorer -

Congratulations on your attempts to improve life for Ring customers!

I think one problem is that moderators who happen to be Ring employees are probably instructed to act as “gatekeepers” rather than “customer advocates”. Companies that care about customers do the opposite. (Smart managers realize, for example, that it’s important to quickly/competently address serious problems rather than allow them to fester.)

Ring seems to have HUGE problems with all types of customer-facing support. Actually, I suspect this is by design. Management probably sees Technical Support, for example, as an expense rather than a source of revenue – which drives all decisions regarding Technical Support (and Customer Service).

From what I can tell… support employees at all levels are probably instructed to NEVER escalate a call under any circumstances. This is obviously a very bad strategy. Companies that care about customers do the opposite. (Companies that care about customers want happy, successful customers, not frustrated/angry ones who can’t obtain any competent assistance.)

Actually, companies that provide Good, Very Good, and/or Excellent support tend to utilize very different strategies than Ring. Companies that provide Horrible customer support typically do so because they are trying to eliminate the expenses associated with providing support. For example, they will often utilize poorly trained, unknowledgeable, unmotivated support reps. Often, the people providing the horrible/useless support are poorly paid employees working for a third party in a different country. Let’s face it… nothing good typically comes from such strategies. It may, however, discourage customers from attempting to obtain support in the future – as they know it will probably result in a truly horrible/frustrating waste of time.

I think it’s wonderful when customers try to help each other. I don’t think it should relieve Ring, however, from the responsibility of providing effective/efficient support for its customers.

@Frustrated427 Hi. It sounds like you know a lot about business models. I agree that Ring phone support needs to step up their game.

All us users need to continue to post here and help each other out. In the short time I’ve been on these boards, I do find that when enough folks voice the same issue, one of the moderators does seem to get traction with Ring and then a solution. As I’ve said, I don’t believe this would happen if any of us were to call Ring. Posting here is critical. And if someone has a solution, post that too. Pay it forward!!

Hope you stick around here Frustrated427.

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Thanks for the kind words. With so many mean-spirited trolls on the Internet… it’s refreshing to encounter a nice person.

I think that a lot of Ring customers would love to see major changes in the way Ring handles support. Unfortunately, many (if not most) of the problems customers encounter are probably “by design”. If that was not the case, Ring support would presumably be structure in an entirely different manner.

I think it’s great when users help each other out. The world would definitely be a better place if consumers looked out for other consumers.

Hey neighbors! If your New Features notifications won’t go away, you can can manually clear it in the Ring app. Tap on What’s New and then tap the icon with a check mark in it on the top right. If you’re running iOS, you can find more information on how to do this and troubleshoot notification issues on iOS here. If you’re running Android, you can find more information on how to do this and troubleshoot notification issues on Android here.

In the event that your Ring app is still not behaving as it should, we recommend reaching out to our support team for additional help. If the steps in that article do not resolve your concern, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can take a closer look. If you are outside of the US, please go here to see how to contact support.

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I noticed this the other day and was happy to see it.

Thanks Ring!

To all the members here, this is another success story and shows how we can all help each other, rally for improvements, and everyone wins when Ring listens and implements!

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I’m happy that you like this, @trail-explorer!