How to bypass mechanical doorbell.

I have installed a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and it works OK.

But, the existing mechanical doorbell will not work with the Ring like it is supposed to.

(It is rings constantly or periodically depending upon which way I connect the wires.)

What is the correct way to bypass the mechanical doorbell?

Is it safe to go directly from the transformer to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro without the mechanical doorbell in between?

I have attached a diagram of the way it is wired now.


I responed by e-mail but guess that was a fail… lol! cause it is not here… here is what I wanted to show you on how to bypass the mechanical chime.How to bypass the mechanical chime


Hey @doubtful. To learn more about bypassing your internal chime box, check out our Ring Help Center Article here. If you would like to wire your Ring Video Doorbell Pro directly to your transformer, you can see it in the list of different diagrams that we have in our Ring Help Center Article here as well.

Also, shoutout to @rocxylemmon for the wonderful Youtube video for visual, thanks neighbor! :smiley_cat:


There’s some good information in there. But, it still leaves me with questions.

The video did not show connecting directly with 24V 20VA. I wonder if that amount directly connected to the Ring would damage it.

Also, (didn’t notice this before) Ring says to use the Pro Power Kit in bypass mode. I guess I will try that first.