How To: Automatically Activate Live View on Alexa Echo Device

Answering your Ring Video Doorbell is easier than ever with an Echo Show or Echo Spot. You can have Live View automatically begin streaming on these Echo Show devices when someone presses your Doorbell. First, make sure your Ring Video Doorbell is connected to your Alexa device. Learn how to connect it in this Ring Help Center article. Once it is connected, follow the steps below to turn on the Automatic Live View feature in your Alexa Skill app.

  • Open the Devices section in the Alexa Skill app in the bottom right corner, then select Cameras.
  • Select the Video Doorbell from the list of devices.
  • Tap Announcement Devices in the top of the Announcements section to confirm that you have one of the required Echo Show or Echo Spot devices connected to your Doorbell.
  • Toggle the Doorbell Press Announcements toggle to the On position (to the right).
  • Now you are all set and Live View will automatically activate on your chosen Echo Show devices. You will be muted and need to tap the Microphone button to speak with the visitor.

If you are having trouble with the Alexa Live View feature please check out this Community article for helpful tips to get your Live View running smoothly.