How to arm house via keypad and not trigger alarm when opening door to leave?

I’m having difficulty with the arming of my alarm. It says there is I think 50-60 seconds delay to get out once armed but as soon as I open the door to leave the alarm goes off. So, so far I have not been able to use the keypads at all. I have to arm the alarm from the app on my phone after I leave the house.

The article that comes up with I type the above gives these instructions:

Unfortunately, when I follow them, the app does not have these exact options. So I’m not sure if the instructions in this article are outdated.

I need this fixed ASAP as my one week practice period is ended and I do not want to have a false alarm every day when myself or my family members leave the house or come home.

I just tried my app and it’s all there. Can you find the door sensor in the alarm base station settings? What do you not see as per the instructions? Also, what kind of phone are you using. iPhone or Android?

Also, if you have a motion detector in the room that you are leaving from, it also needs to be delayed so it doesn’t go off as you close your door.

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The sensor is probably not set to main door

hamburger>devices>base station>door sensor>gear/settings>placement>Main door

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