How to Arm & Disarm Ring Doorbell with Alexa

Hello Everyone… I just set up my RIng Doorbell Battery… All works fine. The Alexa Skill is active and accounts are linked. Everything works fine with my Alexa Devices except I cant tell them to ARM or DISARM the Ring Doorbell. Tried to ask he to ARM Ring, Arm Front Door and she replies thats not supported! In the Skill Page the 1st command says SAY ARM RING … Any thoughts… ?

The arming and disarming Alexa feature will work with Ring Alarm.

If you are only using a Video Doorbell, you may be able to create an Alexa routine to control your devices.

You have to make a routine with ALEXA App. When you open ALEXA, bottom right of screen open more, scroll down to routines then click plus sign in upper right corner to start new routine. Here’s an example to open doorbell cam automatically on TV with Fire TV Cube.
Routine name - Solar 1 Pathlight
When - Front Solar 1 detects motion
Alexa Will - show doorbell
From - Sony65 FTV
This will open doorbell cam on TV.

I’ve only been playing around with routines for a day or so, lots of things you can do. Just experiment with “ALEXA Will” phrases.

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