How to add Ring cameras to Ring Alarm.

We installed seven ring cameras outdoors and indoors. Then for Christmas, we received a ring alarm system with a motion sensor and a window sensor. I have not been able to add the existing cameras to the ring alarm. How do I do this? I want the alarm to sound when the cameras detect motion.

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The cameras are not connected to the alarm. There is no way to do this as of now. The alarm uses sensors and motion detectors only. You can link the alarm to have the cameras record when the alarm goes off though.

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I too was looking for this. This is super frustrating as it diminishes the value of having Ring cameras and the Ring alarm. I expect them to work together better.


I am very disapointed. A motion sensor failed and I bought 2 cameras thinking that I could use one of them as an imporved motion sensor with the security system.

Doesn’t make sense to me at all.

Hi @Kcc. When integrating your Cameras with the Ring Alarm, you can use the Linked Devices feature. This allows your Cameras to automatically record in the event your Ring Alarm activates. You can find out more about Linked Devices here.