How secure is the Ring Outdoor Contact Sensor?

How exactly does the Outdoor Contact Sensor attach to a surface? I understand that it can be attached via tape, screws or ties; but I would like to know if it is possible to securely attach the entire sensor. From the instructions and videos I have seen, it appears to me that only the mounting bracket gets securely attached to anything. Is that the case, or does the sensor also get securely attached as well?

I live in a neighbourhood that has very high rate of theft and vandalism. Before I buy the outdoor contact sensors, I want to make sure that people won’t be able to simply reach over my gate and remove the sensors from the brackets.

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who is able to answer this question!

Hi @mw88. You are correct that the mounting bracket is what is adhered to the door or gate with the tape, screws, or ties. The Contact Sensor and the magnet then click into place on these mounting brackets, as they need to be easily removable so you can change the battery when needed. You can find the installation process for the Outdoor Contact Sensor here. When you remove the cover from the Contact Sensor, it will be in a Tampered state, which will trigger the Alarm if you have your system armed. Pulling the magnet away will show the Contact Sensor as open, which will also trigger the Alarm if the system is armed.

You’re welcome to try any DIY methods you may have to fasten the Contact Sensor and magnet onto the mounting brackets more securely, but please note that dismantling the device in any way can void your warranty. I hope this information helps clear things up and lets you decide if the Outdoor Contact Sensors will work for you. :slight_smile: