How many of these problem have been sent to Ring?

I read all these problems that people are having with their Rings , and I have yet to see any offical RIng person address these problems. How many of you that post on here send the problem to ring and not just the community? The commuity is mostly people that are complaining or have found work arounds to get their system to work. I have yet to see any Ring Offical answer or the company responed or fix the problem. I would suggest we start calling and emailing Ring and let them know they have problems and see what the responds is for it.

Hi @Grumpy1. With this being a neighbor-to-neighbor forum, we tend to just give helpful tips and tricks, rather than in depth troubleshooting. If you have a specific issues, we’re more than happy to offer some assistance. Depending on the complexity of your issue and the troubleshooting that has already been attempted, we may refer you to contact our support team. Rest assured, we are here to help and make sure that the appropriate team handles your concern if needed.