How Many Different Access Codes

I am interested in Ring for business
My primary question is: how many people can I give personal access to arming and disarming the alarm?
I am less concerned about break-ins because my office suite is in an office buildling. BUT the keys can be copied at the hardware store. So I need a way for employees to know that a key is not the actual access to the office. You must have an alarm code too. No alarm code (or cancelled alarm code because you’re not an employee any longer) and you should not try to gain access to the office suite.

I am having trouble finding a simple system that allows more than 10 individual codes. How many can the Ring support?

Hey @awang429. The Ring Alarm can support up to 99 codes/shared/guest users, so you will definitely be able to achieve this! You can set every employee up as a guest user so that they all have codes, but no access to the Ring app to see or view the devices. Therefore, with each employee having their own unique code and name in the system, you will see who is arming and disarming the system. If you have a trusted employee that you’re ok with having access to arm and disarm from the app, they can be added as a shared users. You can learn more about this in our Help Center Article here.