How Many Cameras Can I add

If my bandwidth is 100 Mbps, how many cameras can I add? Is there a basic chart of how many cameras based on the bandwidth?

Hey @connect. We do not have a chart like this, but I can help further to figure out what your internet can handle! In regards to now knowing your bandwidth, could you go to while connected to your home wifi and let me know what your upload and download speeds are too? Most of our Ring devices require 1-2 Mpbs, but 2 Mpbs for upload and download is recommended for the optimal performance. For a general rule of thumb, I would assume the device will need 2 Mpbs of the upload and download, and then go from there.

It’s also best not to cap out your internet for what it can do as well to accommodate for when speeds fluctuate as they do. For example, if you find you have 20 Mpbs upload/download, I would recommend 5 cameras. Even though the 5 cameras will only need 10 of the 20, it’s best to not overwhelm your network to accommodate for other things in the home that will be using it, such as phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, etc., that are connected to it and may be using it at times.

Hi Chelsea,

You answered my question, thank you! I want to add 5 at work and the current average is 120 Mbps download and 37 Mbps upload. I’m surprised that it doesn’t take much bandwidth. We have one up and running and it works great.

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