How long will the Base Station battery last, and can it be replaced?

How many years will the Ring Alarm base station battery last, and when it’s life is over can I replace it myself?

Hi @Jcapp4! There is not a set life span for your Base Station back up battery. As it is only intended to be used as a back up battery for power loss situations, this battery will only power your Base Station for up to 24 hours. The battery life would depend on how often there will be a power loss concern, and thus would vary based on usage. Generally, as the battery is a backup feature, this shouldn’t need to be replaced.

If you do notice a difference in battery operation during an instance where you needed to use the backup, our support team can be of assistance in finding out why. As the backup battery is built in to the Base Station, we do not advise taking it out or modifying the Base Station. Conveniently enough, our Protect Plus Plan, which is needed for the Alarm monitoring features, will also extend your Ring device warranty if ever needed. Feel free to also check out our warranty page for more information on what is covered. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: