How long does the Ring outdoor siren batteries last?

How long does the Ring outdoor siren batteries last…

  1. …with just D cells in and no dusk to dawn
  2. …with D and rechargeable battery in (as in the rechargeable last), no dusk to dawn
  3. …with D and rechargeable battery in (as in the rechargeable last), dusk to dawn on

If you have D cells in, and plug in adapter, I presume that you can have dusk to dawn on all the time, and the D cell are just backup, and last 3 years?


Hi @L1111. There is no exact duration that the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren will last for. There are a few variables that contribute to battery life. I would suggest monitoring the Siren for 1 week and seeing how much battery drain you have to determine a ball park figure of how long it will last.

You must have done some tests though so have a rough idea.

Most companies test and give an indication, a list with a * to say in normal circumstances.

You must have some idea of how long my questions above last surely.

This will help. As rather than me mounting it and finding it only lasts a week, then having to rehire a ladder, to change I can gauge wether to maybe fit a permanent power supply etc.

Hi @L1111. Under optimal conditions and average use, batteries can last up to 3 years. This will vary based on factors such as: temperature, signal, use, battery quality, power options used, placement options, etc.

Hey there @user51307. I don’t have the answers to every possible power option, and settings configuration, or combination available. Adding more batteries will only increase the battery life of the Outdoor Siren. With this in mind, it’s safe to say it will last longer that 3 years if additional power is added to the Outdoor Siren. For any electronic device, it’s always a good rule of thumb to change out batteries annually. If running out of battery power within 3 years is a concern, I would highly recommend hardwiring this devices into your electrical system.

If you have D cells and hardwire do you still need a Ring rechargeable battery in?

I’m hoping to hardwire the siren using existing old alarm wiring and Ring adapter for the specific voltage required, but not sure if also still need the rechargeable battery in as well.

Without solar (which I personally don’t want), or hardwired, using the rechargeable on its own with disk to dawn is pointless for the hassle of changing it every other week

@L1111 You can find information on the available power sources for the Outdoor Siren here. The Quick Release Battery Pack is one option available, but it’s not a requirement. To use the Dusk to Dawn light setting, two of the power sources must be used.

I asked the same question to the helpdesk a couple of hours ago. The answers were like “battery-pack will drain more if LED is used”… Really??

After repeating the question several times they promised to look into these (rather normal) questions and mail me the answers.
To me it seems pretty normal questions to ask en thus to now what the specs are from an extra cost battery-pack bought especially for turning the night-LED on to the outside-siren.

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