How long does it take for a camera to recognize that a solar panel is plugged into it?

I bought two solar panels for two of my Ring Stick Up Cam Battery cameras… The boxes I received said “compatible with Spotlight Cam Battery only,” but the plug looked like it would fit into the Stick Up Cam Battery camera, so I plugged one of them in. (BTW, when I ordered them, they *did* say "compatible with both Spotlight Cam Battery and Stick Up Cam Battery, so I don’t know why the boxes are saying something different.)

Anyway, he camera’s battery *is* charging – it’s gone up 11% (from 48% to 59%) since last night, so I know the solar panel is working.

However, in the Ring app on my iPhone, it still tells me “Solar Panel Status: Add a Ring solar panel to Extend Battery Life.”

So how long is it supposed to take until it realizes that there’s a solar panel plugged into it? Or will it not realize this because they sent me the wrong solar panel?



I have the same question. Installed on an overcast day, so I am wondering if it takes a while to collect enough sunlight to start feeding the camera, and be recognized by the camera/app.

It’s been a week and mine *still* doesn’t tell me that a solar panel is plugged into it. However, it absolutely *is* charging the camera battery – the battery level has gone from the low 40% range to 90% (I checked it just now). That’s excellent, in my opinion, considering the solar panel only gets about 3 hours a day of direct sunlight between the trees and the roof blocking much of the sky…

So, despite the fact that the app is still telling me “plug in a solar panel to extend your battery life,” I’m overall happy with it because it is actually charging the battery like it should.

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thank you! I called RIng support and confirmed that despite the wording in the app, it will charge the batteries. I appreciate your response! Thank you!


Same here as you all.

Since the app says, “Solar Panel Status” it is a bit dissapointing after spending $100 for two.


any indication from support if an app update would address it?


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No, tbh, the representative I spoke to didn’t seem to have a good handle on things. She also took my info and assured me she would send me the little bracket that secures the solor panel plug into the rear of the camera (it was missing from my package). It has not arrived yet, and I am thinking it is not coming aby time soon, if at all. Very happy with the charging of the panel though. My batteries are always close to 100% charged.