How Long Between Rings

Is there a setting that I don’t see somewhere that sets the amount of time that must expire before the doorbell or motion sensor will ring again?

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Hi @GoBuckeyes, what you’re looking for is the Motion Frequency! This can be adjusted to frequent to make sure there is no downtime in between recordings on your Doorbell for motion related events. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here. You can change this under your Device’s Profile page > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency.

This did not answer the question I thought was asked, and I have the same one. Once someone leaves the door (or the conversation is ended), how soon before pushing the doorbell will ‘ring’ again on the owner’s phone? We have tried pushing the doorbell again a few seconds after ending an interaction, and it doesn’t react. If we wait several minutes, then it works. So what is the interval required and can it be adjusted?

Hi @Claudia_L, happy to chime in. Typically it’s about 30-40 seconds after the button is first pressed, as the Doorbell is recording the first event. If you’ve set the recording length to be longer, then it may take longer before the Doorbell can register another Doorbell ring as it has to finish recording the first ring. You can read more about adjusting the recording length for wired devices here, and for battery-operated devices here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: