How is this possible?

I am in the back of my house. I cannot use wifi back here, so I turn it off on my phone. I just tried to see my front door camera. It’s there! How can this be? I just ordered a repeater to get wifi to the back since, when it’s on, I cannot see my camera. Now, with it off, I can! This is boggling my brain. I need one of you experts to explain what’s going on. I am disconnected from my wifi. There is no doubt about that because, as I mentioned, I cannot use the internet with it, in the back of my house. OK, tell me what’s going on. (Note: I am not using a Ring system that has advanced technology that is not dependent on wifi.) Thanks!

Hi @user40658. Most mobile phone plans provide you with a set amount of cellular data, which is used when your phone does not have a connection to wifi. Cellular data also allows you to connect to the internet the same way a wifi connection does. I found this web article that goes into more detail. I hope this helps answer your questions.

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