How is it possible for floodlight camera's snapshot feature to work during a multi hour Internet outage?

My internet provider had an outage today for approximately 2 hours (power/electricity was on). During this time all my devices were offline (expected). After the outage was restored, I brought up my Wireless floodlight camera snapshot history (snapshots were enabled) expecting a lapse in the timeline; however, I was surprised to find that during the outage the camera’s snapshots were still captured and sent to the cloud (and the snapshots changed during this time frame - shadows moved with sun). My question is how did this occur when I had no Internet? I have Ring Sidewalk feature disabled on all my devices and my understanding is that there is no local storage on ring devices. Did my camera’s use some hidden Ring Network I’m not aware of? If so, how do you disable that network? Or does the device have some local storage?
thanks in advance…

It stores them in the internal memory, then uploads when the connection is restored. I’m unsure how large the internal memory actually is.

Ring technical support indicated that the device does not have any local memory.
If you buy a ring alarm pro base station. It provides local video processing/storage (I don’t have a ring alarm system).