How high must I install a new Junction Box for the Ring Floodlight Camera?

I plan on installing a Ring Floodlight Camera.

But, since there is not a current floodlight where I want to install the Ring Floodlight Camera, a new junction box must be 1st installed.


In order to have the motion detector part 9’ off the ground as recommended by Ring, how high must I install the junction box?

I need to know what the distance is from the “top” of the junction box to the “bottom” of the motion detector part.

Great question @DonC . We recommend you use a 4 inch round waterproof junction box. This can be mounted at 9 feet. The lights and camera are centered to be as level as possible with the junction box, for easy mounting and angling. Hope this helps!

Just to make sure I am understanding you correctly.

If I mount the center of the Junction Box at 9 feet, the Motion Detector can be adjusted so that the bottom tip of the Motion Detector will be 9 feet off the ground (as recommended by Ring).

All of the pictures I have seen on Ring of the Floodlight Camera installed shows the Motion Detector to be below the Junction Box.

That is correct @DonC . Just to clarify, we recommend the Floodlight Cam be mounted at 9 feet as this is optimal for light illumination, lens field of view, and motion detection. We are not looking for any one component to be at 9 feet, but the Camera as a whole will work best if mounted at that height.

Check out the bottom portion of this article regarding Floodlight Cam positioning, you’ll see it loosely states “around 9 feet” as well as a quick tip about mounting higher being better than mounting lower. Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks!