How has ring engineers not fixed this yet? posting again since ring isn't responding

I have a floodlight cam. I have a schedule set for that light to come on at 9 PM and stay on until 6AM. But the app has a conflict with the light schedule because in MOTION ZONES FOR LIGHTS, you have AUTO-SHUTOFF TIMER that cannot be disabled so when a bug flies by the motion sensor, the lights shutoff anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes (whichever i have it set to) and the lights will NOT come back on until something else sets off the sensor. How has this not been resolved? I want my lights to stay on the entire night but because of the app, the setting should be LIGHTS ON UNTIL BUG FLIES BY. I’m really not trying to be funny here. I spoke with Ring support 6 times and each time was given a different “fix” that didn’t work. Not to pat myself on the back but I was the one who figured out the app conflict. Either make it so we can disable the auto-shutoff OR make one of the options under the amount of time (30 seconds to 15 minutes) to be FOLLOW LIGHT SCHEDULE.

Basically, I have a security floodlight that isn’t providing a deterrence of light because your app has decided for me when the lights will come on.