How do you know if the Ring 2 is just broken?

I have purchased a Ring 2. I have installed it at my front door which is facing south. My front door is nearly 30 feet from the residential road. I have set the motion detection manually and via the wizzard. Unfortunetly, even with the blue halo down below the road I am getting motion alarms when cars drive by. I have ended up putting the motion filter (the blue halo) nearly to the bottom. And I am still getting motion alarm (although there are less of them). I thought that maybe the sun placemement might have something to do with it but I get them during cloudy days.

I do not want to turn off the motion alarm as that is a lot of why I got this. I have found now that there are so many false alarms that we don’t even check them any more. Then I have to ask myself why do I even have this? If the motion alarms are this bad then I may just have to send this back. But surely this device cannot suck this bad! I am really wondering if it is broken. Any advice?

It sounds like the positioning of the device may not be optimized for your location. If you have steps or a hill leading up to the doorbell, then you may encounter issues with motion detection. The doorbells motion sensor may be positioned too high above the ground level that it is picking up motion further than it is intended to. This is displayed with motion detections from vehicles still registering even with the motion zones are reduced all the way down to the minimum. Using the wedge mount included in the box the Video Doorbell 2 came in should help out with correcting motion detection. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the input. I will continue to research. Oh and yes, there are four steps to my front door but the blue halo is below the steps. Thanks again.

Check out this article, it should help.

Ahhhhh, thank you, this helps a lot!