How do you hook up wired motion sensors to Ring retrofit?

I have a honeywell alarm system with every single sensor hardwired. I moved to XFinity 2 years ago, and they added their own retrofit kit, new keypad’s and were able to re-use my existing wired motion sensors.

If I move to Ring, I don’t see a clear way how to connect the hardwired motion sensors.

Has someone else done it and can share details?


Hey @devilishy. The Ring Retrofit Kit does not allow for anything other than wired contact sensors to be connected to it and be monitored. The Retrofit Alarm Kit can monitor wired contact sensor zones (contact sensors are usually used for doors and windows). You can also visit to learn how other wired security devices can be connected to the Retrofit Alarm Kit. If you have wired indoor and outdoor sirens, wired smoke or CO detectors, wired keypads or other security devices, they are not supported and should not be added to the Retrofit Alarm Kit.

Yes, With External Integration:

Keeping the original alarm system in place to power the motions was not an option for me so I did it a little differently.

I ordered a terminal block to supply terminate my RING Keypad and Motions (qty=4) for power being supplied by an external 12V power supply. I turned off the chirps by configuring for NO for Chirp Tones in the actual motion sensor config. Pay attention to your + and - for supplying power, it was pretty simple. I’m not sure what the impact will be on the batteries for the retro-fit, but I saved 4 motions that were wired.

I used this converter to power the RING Keypad with the original wiring…

In the image the power (12vDC) is supplied by the pigtail on the terminal block, then you cut down what you are feeding power to on the +/- terminal strip.

Still testing for reliablity / false alarms with no issues, and the dog does not set them off either since the motions are designed for an 80# canine… This is simple integration that RING should provide, but this would drop sales of their motions so why bother…

Follow up will happen if reliability becomes a problem… : )


@gobblke I was able to wire my existing motion sensors to the ring retrofit and had no issues with power, but I’m concerned about the battery draining after seeing this. I understand how to wire the 12V to 5V you referenced, but I’m not sure how to use the terminal block. How do I transfer power from my existing panel to the retrofit for wired motion sensors?

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