How do you convert ring 1 from battery to wired

I bought the transformer kit added the resistor and nothing help I am fed up with charging every 3 weeks

@dmonselise wrote:
I bought the transformer kit added the resistor and nothing help I am fed up with charging every 3 weeks

Hello @dmonselise ,

Sorry to hear that your battery isn’t recharging with your transformer kit. Although this is the “Ring Alarm” forum (and not the Ring “Video Doorbells” forum), I am guessing that you are really talking about the battery in your Ring Doorbell (and not a Ring Alarm device or other Ring cameras). Your subject title said you have a “Ring 1” and I’m not positive that you are referring to the Ring Video Doorbell 1st Generation, but it think so.

Thank you for the attached picture. The picture does help eliminate other potential issues. It shows you are using a plug-in transformer that converts 120V AC 60Hz 0.2A to 18V AC 800mA (for 18 Volts X 0.8 Amps = 14.4Volt-Amps or Watts), so this should work. I also recognize the 50 Watt 25 Ohm Wirewound Resistor that you also are using, wired correctly in series. Your transformer, coupled with the Resistor, is the correct setup for the following Ring Video Doorbells (which require 8VAC to 24 VAC (40VA max) and 50/60Hz and your transformer does meet these requirements):

  • Ring Video Doorbell (original 1st Generation)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen / 2020 Release

If you happen to actually have a Ring Video Doorbell 3, or a Ring Video Doorbell 3 ‘Plus’ then you should remove and NOT use the 50 Watt 25 Ohm Resistor.

If you are trying to use this transformer to recharge the battery in a Ring Non-Doorbell device (in Ring Alarm devices or other Ring cameras like the “Stick Up Camera”, etc.), then you are using the incorrect method and incorrect transformer. But I’ll assume you are indeed referring to a Ring Doorbell.

So with the wires of your transformer/resistor attached to the doorbell’s back connections, it should be “trickle-recharging” your battery. You can confirm that it is recharging by going to the “Device Health” of the your Ring Video Doorbell and it should display, “Power Source - Hardwired” and the current battery charge level status. Also look on the Video Doorbell’s “Device page” for the Battery icon in the upper-right-corner. The Battery Icon should have a “lightning bolt” in the center of the battery icon, which confirms it is recharging the battery, and you should no longer need to recharge the battery like you had to before.

Even while connected to the transformer, the Doorbell is really being powered by the Battery (exceptions are the Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Doorbell Elite). Your doorbell cannot function off the only the wires, because the transformer does not actually power the doorbell . Since the transformer kit is only providing a “trickle-charge” it will recharge very slowly and may take days to reach 100% (depending on its frequency of usage). You stated you are currently recharging every 3 weeks, and that is not normal. Like an automobile car battery that periodically needs to be replaced because it cannot hold a charge, this might be the case with your battery . . . OR . . . your current settings and/or high-traffic motion detection-rate of movement is demanding an “above-typical” power drain. So even if it is recharging correctly, the recharging-rate might not be able to keep up with the drain upon the battery during high usage. You may have to limit/reduce some settings to lower the rate of drain.

If you do not see the “lightning bolt” or the word “Hardwire”, then push the Doorbell’s Reset button and re-do the Ring Doorbell setup while the transformer wires are attached to the doorbell’s electrical connections on the back and the transformer is plugged in. During the setup, select that you do have it connected to a transformer and hopefully now it will “trickle-charge” correctly.

If this normal reset still does not work, then perform a hard “Factory Reset” to wipe out your ‘old’ downloaded firmware while the transformer wires are still attached and the transformer is plugged in. This Factory Reset will automatically restart the setup and also commence downloading updated new firmware.

If even the hard Factory Reset and re-accomplishing the proper setup still does not display the “lightning bolt” in the Battery Icon, then you should contact Ring Support for help by telephone:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile:

Note: Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen uses a B15169 battery, although not recommended nor intended to be replaced (unless you are very handy and watch YouTube videos on the procedures).

Oh and @dmonselise , I forgot to tell you how to do the reset on your doorbell. For a normal reset, you just press and release the doorbell’s Reset button. To accomplish the hard “Factory Reset” you push and HOLD the same reset button for at least 20 seconds, and then release. Sorry for my omission in my above post. :slight_smile: