How Do We Report Application Bugs?

As per title: How do I report bugs? Phone Tech Support useless…

Bug #1:
The Ring app on all my IOS devices is not updating automatically as it should. All other apps show they are, so it’s just the Ring app. Tons of Wi-fi signal, lots of bandwidth, all other apps are fine. It seems the Ring application isn’t written, or at least wasn’t (I’ve updated) to allow same. At least one affected version/build # is

Looking at updated and upcoming updates via the IOS App store, the Ring app isn’t shown as ever updating or pending an update, yet searching for the app and selecting it confirms it needs an update.

Clearly the Ring app is not correctly joining the auto-update process. This across two iPhones and one iPad, all running 15.5

Bug #2) The iPad version of the app refuses to allow me to select a room when editing device settings, rooms. It will only allow me to add a new room. Both IPhones will allow same. I’ve rebooted the iPad, removed and re-installed the app (and rebooted again), and ensured there were no programs running in background.

Thanks for any advice on how to submit bug reports. If anybody has other thoughts please let me know!



Hi @dfish. Regarding your Ring app not automatically updating, I’d recommend making sure you have adequate storage space available for any updates. If your phone’s storage is full, some apps may not automatically update. As for the iPad version of the Ring app not allowing you to select a room when editing a device, would you mind taking a short screen recording of this happening and sharing it here? You can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. That way I have a better idea of what you’re seeing on your end, and can share this example with my team if needed. :slight_smile:

A few years ago, I was experiencing issues with the Ring app (android). Others in the community reported the sames issues, so it was clearly a Ring problem. When I called the Support line, I was told that it wasn’t their job, and there was no one to transfer me to.

A moderator (sorry forgot which one), brought it to someone’s attention at Ring, and Ring fixed the app issue.

@Caitlyn_Ring Is there another way now to report app issues? Or is this Community still the only place to “report?”