How do two people get notifications for only one doorbell on a multi-doobell account?

I pay for Protect Plans on two Video 3 doorbells, so I put them both on my account. One doorbell is at my house and one at my sisters house. How do I configure them so that my sister receives only notifications related to her doorbell and I receive notifications related to my doorbell?

I thought that each of use could turn off the notification option for the other doorbell but it appears that when I make changes for the settings for my sister’s doorbell in my app, it also changes them for her.

This can be done with Shared User options. With Shared Users each of you can access the same devices that are owned on one Ring account, while also being able to log into your own Ring app accounts and toggle your notification settings individually. This means each user would need to toggle off the notifications they want to avoid, and also ensure the desired Ring device alerts are toggled on. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: