How do I turn off notifications whilst allowing Ring to record and monitor as configured?

I have all alarms disabled in Disarmed mode but I still get notifications of motion and when a door opens. How do I turn off all notifications for cameras and sensors that I already have disabled? I’m confused and hope it’s something I’m just doing wrong. To me it makes no sense that I should want notifications if I am in Disarmed.

Hi @user29154. If you are getting alerts on your phone from your Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors from the Ring Alarm and would like to have that stop, follow these steps for each one:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Choose the menu button (three lines in the upper left corner).
  • Tap your Alarm Base Station.
  • Select your Contact Sensor or Motion Detector.
  • Toggle off Open and Closed Alerts for the Contact Sensor, and for the Motion Sensor, toggle off Motion Alerts.

As for your Cameras, if you do not want them to record and notify you of motion while in Disarmed Mode, you have to make sure you have Motion Detection disabled in the Mode Settings for each Camera. If you want them to record but not notify you, then you have to go with Motion Schedules, Motion Snooze, or disabling Motion Alerts for each Camera. I hope this helps.

Ii do not have an Alarm Base Station listed. What do I do???

Hi @user74071. You should have one on your device list if you are trying to disable your Contact Sensors from alerting you on your phone. Can you share a screenshot of where you are going in the Ring app to look for your Base Station?

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