How do I stop Ring doorbell going blue when I am using live view please?


I am sure i’m not the only person to immensely dislike unwelcome guests turning up unannounced. Sometimes, you just want to monitor them and avoid them. But, it aggravates the situation when they know that you are watching.

I looked at this the other day and both of my Ring Doorbells, on different wifi networks if it matters, go blue when someone has the live view in the app on making it a bit useless.

I don’t like going to the door as it lets people know that you are home, squeeky floorboards etc.

Thanks and Kind Regards,


Hi @poundawebsite. There is no option to disable the blue light on your Ring Doorbell or Camera. Other neighbors have expressed their desire for this feature, and they’ve added it to our Feature Request board here. Feel free to add your feedback to that thread and upvote it as well. :slight_smile: