How do I stop alerts when I'm home

I have a ring doorbell and 3 stick up camera’s. In the ring app I have the Geofence set to my home. It is also auto-snooze on arrival for 3 hours. I never want to get an alert when I’m home. How do I set the app to do that?

Using the Geofencing feature was a great step, however, it looks like the auto-snooze duration limit is indeed 3 hours. You can also use Modes to customize how your Ring devices will operate in certain modes, and Motion Scheduling if you know of times and days when you are routinely home or do not want notifications. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So what’s the purpose of the Geofencing feature? I get constant alerts when I’m home and yes I can snooze alerts for 3 hrs and I guess will have to do that every 3 hrs. There has to be a way to stop alerts when home. If not then how can I stop alerts permanently?

Hey @timjet. Geofencing is designed to serve as a reminder to adjust your Modes when you leave or enter the Geofence. As Marley mentioned, the Modes feature is a great way to control your notifications while at home.

You can also setup a Schedule to help mitigate notifications during periods you are usually home. This Help Center article here has information on setting that up.