How do I "ring" my ring video Doorbell from the app?

I want to easily test that pushing the doorbell button shows up on my linked Alexa devices – i.e. Echo Show, etc.

I don’t see a way to simulate a doorbell push.

My physical doorbell is 300 feet away.

So, is there a way? If not, why not?

Hi @rwenig. You cannot simulate the Doorbell button being pressed via the Ring App. If you want to test it, you’ll need to physically press the Doorbell button in order to test it and make sure it’s linked up with your Alexa properly. I hope this clears things up! :slight_smile:

May I suggest that this is a necessary feature – especially when you start linking up devices via Alexa Skills. It would also be nice when I want to wake up my family…

Seriously – my video doorbell is 300 feet from the house – in order to test things, I need two people??