How Do I Remove Deactivated Cam From Dashboard

My Floodlight Cam Wired Pro recently stopped working and it was replaced with a new one from Ring. The new cam works great, however, the old Floodlight Cam Wired Pro that was deactivated and replaced is still on the dashboard. The gear icon is no longer there to give me access to the device settings. So how can I remove the deactivated cam from the Ring app dashboard?

Hi @userBH. What version of the Ring app do you have, and what type of phone? Are you able to access the device via the hamburger menu in the upper left corner? What happens if you tap on the device? Can you share a few screenshots of the different menus so I can share this with my team?

@Tom_Ring I want to share some feedback because I am having the same problem myself. Your response to the OP is the most infuriating type of “technical support” because it indicates a complete lack of familiarity with the product. A deactivated camera is DEACTIVATED and if you understood what that meant, you and your “team” wouldn’t need any screenshots or ask about hamburgers.

There is one and only one condition in the app for a deactivated camera on the dashboard. So either there is a way to remove it from the dashboard, and you guys know what it is (and can tell us), or there isn’t a way to remove it. This isn’t like the user is getting an error, or an unexpected outcome, so screenshots are required. Deactivated cameras are the same on everyone’s dashboard.

If you are unfamiliar with the process, I assume your team is not, so you can ask them. And I trust you have some testbed devices there where you can deactivate a camera and see what happens without making paid users jump through hoops to explain it to you.

I guess what I’m saying is you should put a little effort into your job instead of making your customers do the work for you.

Hi @uscpsycho. It’s unfortunate that my response to dive deeper into the issue the OP was having is infuriating to you. I asked for clarification because, in my experience dealing with these devices every day for years, some users have different names for different concerns they are having with their devices, and they are sometimes different from the common terms we use to describe things.

For instance, “deactivated” could mean that the camera is offline; it could mean that they’ve removed the device, but an error is causing it to stay visible in the Ring app, it could mean that they are a Shared User and unable to remove the device. I cannot assume the technical savviness of any poster here in the Ring Community, so I try to ask for clarification and screenshots to confirm my suspicions of their issue and then provide the correct troubleshooting information.

Nonetheless, without more context on the issue, you can find more information about Deactivated Devices here. As stated in this Help Center article, the Deactivated Devices will remain in the Ring app until the Video Storage Length time that you’ve selected. After you have deactivated your device, once your videos and Events have expired, the Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera will no longer appear in your Ring account or the Ring app. I hope this provides you with the information you need.

I mean, we can just assume that when someone says they have a deactivated camera that they know what they are talking about. If you give them the applicable answer and it doesn’t work then they will tell you it doesn’t work for them. Also, you are providing information for that person and all people in the future, so if you answer the question it helps people like me who are searching for answers about removing deactivated cameras.

Anyway, it turns out the information you provided isn’t correct. Yes, if you wait until all the videos expire the deactivated camera will go away. But the OP and I want it gone now, and you do not have to wait if you want to get rid of it.

To remove a deactivated camera, from the dashboard click on the red circle with a line through it :no_entry_sign: which is on the square for the deactivated camera. On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and you will have an option there to remove the deactivated camera.

Since numerous users (and even you) could not easily find this, I think there is a UI issue in the app. The option to remove a deactivated camera should be in a more intuitive place. Maybe in the same place you would go to remove an active camera.

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Thanks for the insight @uscpsycho.

Thank you @uscpsycho. You were the first to explain how to remove it. One thing I noticed when I removed it that I would like to see the Ring Team change. When I clicked to remove the device, it asked to choose a reason that had to be chosen before it would complete the process. Nowhere did it list what my issue was. My doorbell quit connecting to internet. I went though all of the troubleshooting on the Ring website. It was not my internet, it was not the location of my router (which is in the room right inside where the doorbell is). It simply would not reconnect after multiple times and it just went out on it’s own. New doorbell (same one as the one I was replacing) connected with no issues. @Tom_Ring, that would be a good addition to that preselected list of reasons.

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