How do I record non stop?

It’s annoying that I can’t record without any skips. My ring alarm is currently recording at like 1-2 min intervals when no motion is detected.
I got broken into last night and can’t see anything. My neighbors ring did pick up someone walking across his house but my ring doesn’t pick anything up at night.
So how can I recorded every single second or improve the detection? I do have the sensitivity all the way up

Non-stop recording is not supported.

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You’ll have to setup your own non-stop recordings.
I have a product called Blue Iris (there are others) which records video from 3 cameras (not Ring) I have setup around my house. It does mean having some modicum of computer knowledge and leaving a computer on 24/7 but it can be done.

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Hi @Trigga. As mentioned by other neighbors in this thread, continuous 24/7 recording is not supported on Ring Doorbells and Cameras. However, it may take a bit of trial and error in adjusting your settings to find a balance of what works best for your home environment, as this is different for everyone. I have a basic guide on how to optimize the motion detection on your Doorbell here, which may be helpful for you in this scenario. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could try another screen recording software to save you from endless troubles. Most tools support scheduling screen recording tasks now. The tool I use called Joyoshare VidiKit can even record high-quality videos with no time limit.