How do I prevent my video doorbell device from being stolen?

If another person has a video doorbell and the same tool to remove the video doorbell, can they remove my device from outside my house?

Sure. Anyone could just come and take it with a star bit screwdriver.

They don’t even need the ring tool.
But they would be recorded.

Hello @Deanopper and @Violette ,

It is true, that if a person really wanted to take your doorbell or other Ring Video devices from outside, they could. But there are some additional things to consider.

  • On some newer Ring Video devices, the security screw has a metal protruding post in the screw, so an ordinary Torx (star bit) screwdriver won’t work.

  • Ring has a theft procedure and policy for you to get a free replacement of your Ring Device, if it is stolen. Just follow the procedures in this link:
    What to do After the Theft of Your Ring Device – Ring Help

  • When you initially set up your Ring Video Camera, you now have “Ownership” on it. So even if it is stolen, at least you know the thief cannot use it, because only you can use it until/unless you relinquish your ownership. This helps deter thieves, because the Device basically turns into a non-functioning “Paperweight.”
    Ownership of a Ring Device – Ring Help

  • If you desire extra deterrence to safeguard your Ring Doorbell, for the Ring Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus, there is an available “Tamper-Proof Cover” that you can purchase and physically padlock. I’ve even seen some crafty owners construct their own tamper-proof cover!
    Tamper-Proof Cover for Video Doorbell 3 | Doorbell Accessories | Ring

So although it is true your doorbell can be stolen, there are remedies available, and not solely hoping the police can use your last video to find the thief and recover your stolen doorbell.

I hope you find this information helpful :wink:

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