How do I install multiple wedges

How do you install a second wedge for a doorbell camer 3? I have the first wedge in place but I need at least one more wedge and maybe two more wedges to get the proper angle to look where I want the camera to be looking. The online help only shows installing one wedge not multiple wedges.

Hi @jokharr. When installing multiple wedges for your Doorbell, they’ll just stack together. The Wedge Kit comes with extra, longer screws so you can configure it as needed based on how many pieces you’re using, with a max of about 3 pieces depending on the install. Which model of Video Doorbell do you have?

The doorbell 3 is what I have. Thank you I will give it a try today or tomorrow when I can!

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Do these longer screws only come with the formal wedge kit, not the wedges already included with the Doorbells? I’d like to include both the horizontal and vertical wedge, but I’m not seeing any screws long enough for both…

If the longest screws in the kit don’t work then you would have to purchase others but getting more screws is very tricky and stacking more than two wedges is just plain impossible! Two wedges is the most I have been able to stack even if you have the screws to do it.

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Yeah, I’m just looking at two wedges. But I didn’t buy a wedge kit; I’m looking at just the wedges that came by default with the Doorbell.

You might want to contact Ring support and see if they can supply the longer screws.