How do I increase the incoming volume of sound from front door?

The volume on my Samsung cell is very low when listening to someone at the door vs the great volume level on our iPhone. Is there a setting on the app that can adjust? No adjustments or special setting were set on either but the outcome is very different in use.

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Hi @QSBLUES. To increase the volume of the video or Live View you are listening to, you will need to turn up the master volume on your phone. If the volume doesn’t get loud enough, I would recommend reaching out to your phone’s provider as it may be a concern with the speaker or setting on your phone.

The response was insufficient. I have a Galaxy 9+ at full volume yet I the what I can hear from the doorbell is very low. At the other end I have to yell for whoever to hear me. I am unable to find any way of increasing the volume in either direction in the app.

Hey @crawford. Do you have any Bluetooth devices connected to your phone when you are loading a Live View from your Galaxy phone? If you do, please disable all Bluetooth devices on your phone and then load the Live View to see if you can hear someone else on the other side better, as well as them hearing you. If your watch or another Bluetooth device is connected during the Live View, it could be taking over the microphone or audio, making it hard to hear them and them hear you. Hope this helps diagnose this further for you! :slight_smile: