How do I get Ring 2 video to automatically show on Echo Show 8

Thanks for you information. I am in Panama Country and we have the same issue we hope Ring and Echo Team can work and fix that. We want to make Real Smart Home Automation.


Can someone from Ring respond here? This is a basic functionality issue. Even if it is Amazon’s to fix, we’d all really appreciate it if Ring would show some acknowledgement and possibly engage with Amazon to make the products better.


If you do a search, you will find Rings response in more than one thread. It doesn’t work like stated and their looking into it .

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I have an echo show 8 and thought it would show automactically but soon realised it doesnt and suppose its work in progress… but there are work arounds as i am sure yall might have read on here and i tend to not rely on the echo and have a android tablet automactically show me, its set on the rapid ring app notification and the load time it quick i would say approx 3sec to load live view automactically.

So until there is a offical feature for this from Amazon/RING this method fulfills this need for me atleast :smiley:

I really wish I could return my two.
Really wish I purchased google nest and hub.

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I agree… it’s annoying actual echo show reviewers don’t call out Amazon on this
Only when it affects Ring and Echo sales will they release a simple update

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Workaround using Echo Dot with Echo Show works perfectly with only a 8 second delay from motion detection to camera view! Switched wake up name on Dot so both units don’t respond for other inquires. Wish the function was integrated within the Show, but I had a Dot I rarely used in a spare room & this gets the job done. Thanks for the solution!

We have this feature now.
Thank You


That is great news. Is there documentation/videos anywhere on how to do this?

Been waiting for a while. Would be great improvement.

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Now that the auto display works for Echo Show devices, it be great to have the option to auto display for motion detection too.


Option to auto display for motion detection would be really nice feature.

Can we have this feature for all cameras.


Hi Tinman,

We do NOT have this specific feature yet where the Amazon Echo Show 8 automatically displays the front door when the doorbell activated and I could not find any mention of this urgently requested feature.

There is a workaround where the end user is required to purchase an Echo Show 8 and an additional Echo unit to simulate this feature but that workaround is unacceptable due to the lag and extra expense.

If you have this feature configured on a Ring Doorbell device - Please share.

I am holding back my Thanks to Ring and Amazon until I see this feature working.



Open Amazon Alexa app on your phone. Goto Devices -> Camera -> Ring doorbell cam name -> turn on Doorbell Press Announcements and /or Motion Announcements -> Announcement Devices -> Select Echo Show 8 and/or other Echo devices.

Try to press the doorbell button and watch Echo show.

It works on my Ring doorbell 2 and Echo Show 8. Also it works on other Ring Spotlight cam motion too.


Please let me know how as I havent seen this

Hi Blackhorse01,

I have mine setup in the setting you described below but when the door bell is pressed on my unit it does not automatically display the video image of my front door. What it does do is two things:

-Announces verbally on the speaker that “Someone is at the Front Door”

-It displays on the screen the words “Someone is at the Front Door.”

If you have the feature that allows your Echo Show 8 to automatically display the video image of the front door - please reconfirm your settings so I can compare them with mine. I have checked both the Alexa app and Alexa website and have not found any video display settings for the Echo Show 8.



Hi Joe,

I have checked both alexa app and eho show 8 settings, nothing unusual. When pressing the doorbell button, my echo show announces “Someone is at the Front Door” and displays “connect to…”. After connected it shows the front door video live view, but only a few seconds. No timer settings feature that makes video display longer. If having this feature then it is the good pair. Bottom line is I’m still using “the second echo dot next to it”.

I don’t know why it didn’t work on yours. Maybe its firmware is buggings, doorbell or echo show? who knows?


Yes, please! It makes no sense to not at least have option for motion too. In fact we only have camera so far (no doorbell yet) so motion is our only effective solution.

Thanks Blakhorse01 for confirming that you are using the 2nd Echo unit near the Echo Show as a “Workaround.”

I think most of us in the community want NEED Ring to step up and create a new feature where it automatically displays on the Echo Show units when the doorbell press or motion nearby.

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@blackhorse01, you mention an option in the Alexa app under Doorbell Press Annoucement labeled “Annoucement Devices”. I do not see this option on the app. I only see the switch next to “Doorbell Press” to enable/disable the annoucement. Perhaps you could upload/attach a screenshot? I wonder if this is an option that is rolled-out regionally or to a subset of users. I’m in Canada and I know there have been certain options in Alexa in the past that were not available to non-US customers.

When I setup my doorbell, there was an Alexa notification stating “when the doorbell is pressed, you can see a live view on an Echo Show”, but when I tapped on it, it went to a Help page that didn’t not display in the app. However, I was able to backtrack and figure out that the Help page was this:

How Do I Turn Doorbell Live View On or Off?


What Is Doorbell Live View?

Update: Appears to be a regional roll-out issue (not yet available in UK, Canada) as seen in YouTube video from Craig’s Tech Talk

Attached screenshot from Alexa app with new options —>

@Polaris, Here we go, I uploaded 2 pictures. If you have new setup that looks like the “Alexa app with new options”, just tap on Annoucement Devices. It’ll go to the next screen, from there you’d select echo show device with Announcements & Live View.

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