How do I get Ring 2 video to automatically show on Echo Show 8

I bought an Amazon Echo Show 8 thinking that it would be able to automatically display the front door when someone presses the door or when it is activated my motion. Their is too much lag in asking the Amazon Echo 8 to show the front door, then waiting for the Echo 8 to connect to RING.COM and displaying the video on the screen - kind of makes me regret purchasing the two devices. I have a meshed WiFi system with cable internet service of 326Mps / 17Mpbs and its just sluggish.

When someone presses my doorbell I want to the image to automatically show up on the Amazon Echo 8 immediately with in 2 seconds of the button being pressed. I am sure you can atleast show me who is at the front door while the video is being loaded?


I need to do this too. Has anyone figured out how to do this?


It’s been asked for. You can’t do it. You have to answer. Hopefully they will give us the option.


I asked the same question and kept being pushed to the rapid ring app on my phone as the solution.


When the doorbell is pressed, the echo show should immediately show who is at the front door without the need for voice commands. It is a basic feature found in many systems. Not sure why amazon / ring are so slow to adopt this.


How stupid is it that an Echo Show does not automatically show Ring video when activated by motion or ring? I mean, not only does Amazon own both, but they’re also peddling a Smart Plug to turn your home into a “Smart” home. Seriously? Ring can’t even turn on Echo Show!


This is indeed urgently needed…


Maybe if enough of us comment about the lack of support, Amazon will respond.


It would really be helpful if there was an option in Alexa or the ring app to open video feed when the camera turns on. Very simple task to add on. And would be very helpful


I cant even get ring to display on my echo show 8. It says waiting for and never connnects

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This might be an indicator for an instable wifi connection to the doorbell or your echo show.

Does the video start if you try it via the ring app?

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I was advised by Ring that a 6 second delay is “normal” for the video to load after someone presses the doorbell which I find unacceptable.


For me the delay is usually 2-3 seconds, but there have been times when its been 5-6 seconds.

Check your internet speed and WIFI connection between router and camera.


Works for me!

I have echo show 8 and an echo dot right next to it.

Use - Alexe app


Enter routine name

When this happens

Smart home

front door

save - when front door is pressed

anytime - don’t change

add action

Alexa says


Enter response: Alexa, Alexa, show the front door


Choose device

pick your echo dot name

Works for me!


I have an echo show 8 and a echo dot right next to it.
Use Alexa app.
Enter routine name.
When this happens.
Smart home.
Front door.
Save - when front door is pressed.
Anytime - don’t change.
Add action.
Alexa says.
Enter response: Alexa, Alexa, show the front door.
Choose device.
Pick your echo dot name.


I have a total of 3 cameras and the Ring 2 video doorbell. All of them are on my Echo show 8 but I can only see 2 when I bring them up. When I ask Alexa to find the other 2 she can not and neither does motion or activity show up automatically. I bought the Echo Show 8 explicitly to use with my Ring cameras for when I am at work. My husband does not have a smartphone ad knows very little about technology! I’m disappointed. As I was typing this someone rang my doorbell. Alexa alerted me that there was someone at the door but did not show me who was there. No video showed.


Hi Bo,

Great out of the box thinking to try and make up for a poorly designed integration.

I tried your method and it worked but the initial 5 to 6 second lag in displaying the video in general was already unacceptable then adding in the 2nd Echo unit…well you might as well walk up and open the front door to see who it is.

Manual Method - Telling Alexa to Show Front Door:

1st Trial - 6.87 secs,

2nd Trial - 5.89 secs,

3rd Trial - 6.77 secs

Bo’s Method - Using 2 Echos to Show Front Door:

1st Trial - 17.57 secs

2nd Trial - 16.96 secs

3rd Trial - 16.54 secs.

MESSAGE FOR RING GUYS - Many users purchase these Amazon products with expectations that they would seamlessly integrate with each other.

The MAIN Issues:

-Unacceptable initial 6 second delay in showing the front door when asked.

-Having to manually beg Alexa to show the front door to display on the Echo Show 8.

I have mesh WiFi system with 330Mbps download/ 17Mbps upload and a latency of 10ms - my RING 2 has an RSSI of 40 on the 2.4GHz network connecting to the primary node which means it goes straight out to you guys from my router. I am paying for your yearly service and I find the lag unacceptable. When the doorbell is pressed you should be able to immediately shortcircuit from the RING2 to my ECHO SHOW 8 to bypass the initial delay in viewing who is at the front door. I like some of your features but everyone in this doorbell space can do those things too. I have had your system for 2 years now and I feel that I might have backed the wrong horse in the Front Door Camera race and I should have gone with team “Search Engine.” Thanks for reading my rant - I am hoping you will start to listen what your current customers want from your products.


You cant be serious. This is some basic functionality that should be included out the box. I can see if it were two different companies and needed to work with each other to integrate, but cmon Amazon owns Ring.

Returning both Ring and Echos. Pretty useless without this basic feature.


For two weeks or more someone from Ring has been trying to sort out the issue with the Echo Show and Ring Doorbell to no avail. Today I was contacted by someone else from Ring who told me to dowload the Rapid Ring App as this will supposedly allow the video to load faster. I have seen pros and cons about the Rapid Ring App so I am not going to bother with it. I am not too keen on having to use two apps in order to get the two devices to work in sync; that may happen and may not. I was also told that Amazon does own Ring however, Ring and Amazon Echo are two separate entities. I find the advertising for the Ring and Echo Show to be deceptive as these devices do not work as advertised.


Same here. I just bought 2 echo show 8 expecting this specific feature/behavior to work and to my surprise, it doesn’t. At least returning them would be easy since I found this out before opening the 2nd one. Quite disappointed.


I have just wasted three weeks in dealing with this issue with Ring reps to no avail. Their resolution to the issue was, “a 3 - 7 second delay is normal”. I am pretty ticked to say the least. It is my opinion that Ring’s advertising is deceptive. Ring passed the buck and told me to contact and deal with Amazon to get this issue resolved. Dealing with Amazon reps is a nightmare and the end result will be no resolution. I believe that Ring is only a very, very expensive doorbell!