How do I get an alarm certificate for Insurance

How do I get an alarm certificate for Insurance

Call customer service. They can send you one I believe.

Obtain a cert by following the directions below:

Are alarm certificates available to send to insurance agents for discounts?

Yes. Alarm certificates will be available for insurance discounts. A downloadable version of the certificate will be available when you log in to To get your Alarm certificate, follow these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Login to
  • Click My Account
  • Click Settings from the menu
  • Click Monitoring (must say “Professional”)
  • Click Certificate
  • Download and/or Print the Certificate

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The instructions for getting an insurance certificate do not appear to work.

Log in to your account on
Hold your mouse over your name in the upper right corner.
Tap Settings.
Tap Monitoring.
Tap Certificate.

There is no “Settings” selection anywhere on the Ring website.

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These instructions do NOT work. There is no Monitoring option under Settings. I’m about to lose my insurance discount. PLEASE ADVISE as to how to get this insurance certificate.

Those general instructions should work.

Here are my “specific” steps:


  Monitoring (Professional)

     Insurance Certificate

        Print or Email

Perhaps your coverage has expired???

Under your name, instead of Settings, click on My Plans — to see if you are currently covered by a plan.

Call Ring Support

All of the instructions do not work. Alot of people are having the same problem trying to print the certificate. There is not a “settings” tab anywhere.

@Caren If you are unable to obtain a certificate for your Ring Alarm System through the instructions that were provided in the thread and from the owner’s account, please reach out to our support team here. They will be able to email a certificate as well. :smiley_cat:

did you get an answer to your certificate for insurance?

Yes thank you! We can close out the question now.

I’m trying to get my insurance certificate and consistent with what has been reported by other people the instructions provided do not work. There are no options to click on per the instructions. How does one obtain this certificate?

I agree, the instructions are not accurate, there is no option for monitoring under settings. How do I get the certificate? There’s no telephone number to call and text chat is rarely working

There is no option for monitoring under settings.

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How did you get it? I don’t see.

Spoke to a customer service representative, who was very helpful. If you have only a Ring Doorbell, and not the Ring Alarm, the settings will not be visible in the app. However, you can contact customer service, and they will send you the certificate you need for your insurance provider.