How do I find out which generation ring doorbell camera I have?

I need to know in order to purchase a solar battery

Hey @Wdgillie. This information can be found in the Ring app. With the Ring app open, navigate to your device and tap on the Device Health tile. From there, you’ll be able to see what device you have. I hope this helps!

Mine just says Ring Video Doorbell
MMMM not so helpful.
Even the box gave no clue gen 1 or 2 or wired mains battery or are they all the same?

Hi @pol. If you are still unsure of what model Doorbell you have, you can always check on the back of the device as well. Additionally, if you’ve purchased this Doorbell recently, there is a good chance it is the 2020 release. I hope this helps!

I purchased the ring doorbell pro two years ago but it’s showing up in the app that I have a regular ring doorbell first generation. I paid $250 For this doorbell two years ago and I absolutely 100% know I have the door bell Pro how do I get it to say ring doorbell pro?

Hi @Rhonda66. Wow, that is very odd. Would you be able to upload a photo of your Ring Pro and the Device Health screen? I will be able to share this with my team and see if we can come up with a possible solution.